Vim search replace all files in current (project) folder

Let’s say we have a simple project structure like this:

greeting.txt looks like

and info/age.txt looks like

Let’s say we want to replace all occurrences of Sam with Bob. Here's what we would do:

1. Set working directory

Make sure Vim’s current working directory is the root of the project:

You can use :pwd to print the current working directory and ensure that it is correct.

2. Find files that contain ‘Sam’

Use Vim’s :vimgrep command to search for all occurrences of Sam within the project:


  • Sam is the search "pattern" sandwiched between two forward slashes
  • The **/* says to search in all files recursively
  • The g flag says to search for all occurrences in each line (this is actually overkill here, but it does not hurt either)
  • The j flag prevents vim from automatically jumping to the first match

This will populate the quickfix list with all instances of Sam. If you want to view the quickfix list, you can use the Vim command :copen

3. Substitute within all files that contain ‘Sam’

Now we want to run Vim’s :substitute command inside every file in the quickfix list. We can do this using the :cfdo {cmd} command which executes {cmd} in each file in the quickfix list. The specific {cmd} we want to use is :substitute or :s for short. The full line would look like:


  • The % is a line range that specifies every line
  • The g flag says to substitute all occurrences in each line
  • The c flag causes vim to ask you to confirm each replacement individually (you might want to leave this out)

3. Save all files


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