Many people that have just started learning Elasticsearch often confuse the Text and Keyword field data type. The difference between them is simple, but very crucial.

In this article, I will talk about the difference, how to use them, how they behave, and which one to use between the two.

The Differences

Chances are, at some point in your learning, you’ve come across the term, “dependency injection.” If you’re still relatively early in your learning, you likely formed a confused expression and skipped over that part. Still, this is an important aspect of writing maintainable (and testable) code. …

Some Docker instructions look similar and cause confusion among developers who just started using Docker or do it irregularly. In this post I will explain the difference between CMD, RUN, and ENTRYPOINT on examples.

In a nutshell

  • RUN executes command(s) in a new layer and creates a new image. E.g., …

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